The return of sports traditions!


We offer you a unique facility for sports enjoyment in the green heart of the city.

By choosing a sports offer, we follow the historical traditions of the resort, as well as the current needs of our guests.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the area of the resort has been used for tennis. That’s why we already offer four professional outdoor courts in the resort area to white sports enthusiasts. They will soon be enriched by two year-round indoor courts in the resort’s fully air-conditioned multifunctional hall.

Skating also belongs to the environment of the Košice City Park. For the winter season, we are therefore preparing an ice rink for you in the area of ​​the VILLA SANDY Resort, where individuals, couples or families will be able to enjoy joint winter fun. We plan to offer you great facilities for other park sports, such as jogging or yoga.